Reflexology is like Massage Meets Acupuncture

WITHOUT the needles or pressing on sore areas!

"I haven't studied in years! 
Can I really go "back to school"?

YES, You Can!

This course has been designed for the adult learner, and my mission is to help you succeed.

GOOD NEWS!!! You can become a certified foot reflexology therapist by distance. 

Now you can learn foot reflexology EVEN IF...

  • You have a busy schedule and the live training dates don’t work for you
  • You don’t want to travel for the class
  • It just works better for you to study at home, working at your own pace

The struggle doesn’t have to be real!

This is reflexology, not stress-ology! 
What if I told you that it's possible to get certified as a foot reflexology therapist without needing to spend years learning medical terminology?

What if you could...

  • Learn anatomy in English so you don't get overwhelmed with the medical terms? 
  • Have videos to guide and refer back to so you have support every step of the learning journey. 
  • Be in a community with other students and reflexology therapists to ask questions and get support.
  • ​Study at your own pace so you can get certified on your time line.
  • ​This course is recognized across Canada and in many countries all over the globe!
It's A Rewarding Career!
Every day in my clinic, there is someone with an ache or pain that sits in my chair. If I press on a tender reflex, the first question I get asked is, "What is that"?

When you let them know what part of the body that reflex corresponds to they find it amazing when the tenderness was there and then released. Most times, the client is left baffled wondering how it is possible I could  know that by touching their feet.

Even better, the pain throughout the body sometimes subsides during the treatment and client leaves feeling lighter and more relaxed than they did when they arrived. 

Isn’t that great?

DIY Online Foot Reflexology Certification

Get a PDF copy of the Foot Reflexology Course Details.
DIY Foot Reflexology Certification gives you access to everything you need to be successful as an adult learner.
The online student portal is loaded with videos that teach each module, PLUS you get access to the recorded LIVE trainings so you don’t miss out on what was taught and discussed in class.

There are LOTS of worksheets, quizzes, treatment plan training, case study videos and practice exams to make sure you can be confident for your exams, 
Pre-requisite: 18 years old
  • All training is divided into modules, making it really easy to work at your own pace.
  • The foot reflexology theory and practical training in this course meets the credentials required by the Reflexology Association of Canada to challenge their board exam to become a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT). NOTE: The final exam MUST be done in person to qualify. 
  • ​Discover how to stimulate specific reflexes to encourage your clients’ body to restore balance using reflexology.
  • ​When you graduate, you are certified to practice reflexology across Canada. You are also qualified to challenge the board exam with the Reflexology Association of Canada to become an RCRT (optional). 
  • ​Mandatory reviews and exams are completed live online or in-person for monitoring and to ensure accuracy of the method.
 and much, much more…

How to Become a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT)

There are additional steps to become a RCRT once you have completed this certification program.

  • You would have to become a member of the Reflexology Association of Canada 
  • ​Submit your certificate and transcripts to RAC. Once accepted, you would have to write an open book board exam and pass with 80% to be approved.
  • Clients that have reflexology sessions with RCRT’s (and their benefits package covers reflexology) can submit the receipts for their treatment to their group plan to be reimbursed.

What do the students say about this course?

Awarding of Certificate

Upon successfully completion of the theory and practical portion of the program, the student will be awarded certificate of training. 

This course fully qualifies graduates to practice this profession as a highly trained and skilled Certified Foot Reflexology Therapist across Canada. 

It is exciting to award students their foot reflexology certificates.

What's included:

  • Manual (Value: $75)
  • ​Workbook (Value: $25)
  • ​Sequence Chart (Value: $10)
  • Foot Reflex Chart​ (Value: $10)
  • Access to the student membership site for ($2,500/year)
  • ​Foot Reflexology Student Facebook Group (Value: $197)
  • ​Written Exam Fee (Value: $75)
  • Mandatory Review ​(Value: $197)
  • Practical Exam Fee ​(Value: $75)
  • ​Certificate (Value: $300)
  • ​Transcript (Value: $99)
  • ​Shipping (Value: $30)

Tuition Value: $4998.00

Register NOW


​Foot Reflexology Course ONLY: $1998


Students registering for this course get a code when registering with the Reflexology Association of Canada so they will waive the application fee.

What Do Past Student's Have To Say About The Course?



Calynda, when can I get started?
When you register, you will get instant access to the training portal and your manuals will be shipped via Canada Post. It usually takes a week for them to arrive.
What happens if I start online with DIY and decide later that I would have preferred to take the class LIVE either in-person or online?
If you choose DIY and later decide you would have preferred live or in person training, you would pay the difference in tuition fees and be welcomed into the next live class in-person or online.
Calynda, is there a payment plan?
Yes, please email and I will work with you for a payment plan. Once the full tuition is received, you will get access to the portal and your manual will be shipped to you.
How long does it take to complete the course?
This course is 1 year.
You are able to work at your own pace, so some students have completed it in 4 months, while others have requested an extension.
Are there extra fees?
Everything is included in the tuition, except for extension fees if required.

After being certified, it is optional to join associations. You would be responsible for those fees because they are separate from the course
What happens if I have questions?
There is a closed Facebook group to ask questions anytime.

You are also provided contact information for Calynda to ask your questions directly.
What happens if I fail and exams?
You have 1 year to complete the course AFTER you have completed the written exam. That gives you plenty of time to complete 50 practical sessions at your own pace.
Don't stress about the exams. If you are not successful on the first try, there is a $75 fee to repeat the exams. No big deal.

Are you ready to start studying reflexology online, at your own pace, in your own space?

This course has been designed for you if want to become a reflexology therapist but have a hectic schedule and are not able to attend the live training.
You can fit it into your life when it works best for you AND the course is recognized across Canada giving you the certificate you need to challenge the board exam to become an RCRT when you graduate!

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